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Our products

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Our advantage

北京11选5走势图Water treatment one-stop solution advantage supplier

  • Experienced and strong

    16 years of experience in the development, production and sales of professional water treatment equipment, 3,000 customers choose together

  • Independent research and development

    The 30-person R&D team is dedicated to the development of core technologies, focusing on improving equipment quality (reliability), reducing equipment costs, and significantly reducing operating costs。

  • High quality products, complete series

    Advanced production equipment and scientific quality management system to ensure product quality; water treatment equipment, industrial pure water equipment, softened water equipment, water reuse equipment, etc.

  • One-stop service, save money

    Advanced technology, high-quality products, preferential prices, 7*24 perfect service, providing one-stop service for design, production, installation and maintenance, saving effort and saving money

  • Enterprise certification, quality assurance

    All products have passed ISO90001 system certification, the United States Hyde can authorize, high-tech enterprise certification, quality management system certification

  • Industry authority

    北京11选5走势图With a number of brand companies witnessed, won a number of water treatment patent certificates

Customer case

IN-TECH water treatment equipment is jointly selected by 3,000 customers

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Company Profile

IN-TECH INDUSTRIALCO.,LTD was established in China in 2002, register for guangdong dongguan In-Tech Electronics. In-Tech Electronics professional commitment to, trying to introduce electronic manufacturing industry international advanced products and industries, for China's electronic manufacturing and related industries provide coordination and service.
As to expanding the business, customer base continues to grow and accumulation, the In-Tech Group in April 2003......


IN-TECH has won a number of water treatment patent certificates, passed ISO90001 system certification, high-tech enterprise certification

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